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EyeRep® allows sales reps to have anywhere, anytime access to their mission critical account information. Your reps will be able to offer their accounts a quick and efficient way to view all their product information, product images, back orders and order history. Reps can update or place new orders right from within the app. See below for a description of EyeRep’s key features.

Account Summary allows you to see details on a selected account, such as account number, name, address, phone number, sales data or any data that your company can make available (such as rolling 12 month account activity, prior 12 month, last order date, account balance, past due, etc). In addition to financial and order history you can create appointments and get directions to the appointment from this screen. You can also email the account by tapping their email address, if it is available.
A quick and efficient tool to capture and store notes by account, date or last office visit. You can also use this option to add information about your client that can’t be added to a sales ticket. Personal information such as a birthday, number of children, client appointment preferences, etc., can all be added in the notes section to help you build a more personal relationship with your prospect.
Frameboard management provides reps with a quick and easy system to manage each of their accounts board space and at the corporate level takes the guesswork out of what inventory is remaining in the field. The frameboard management feature also is a jumping point for processing RMAs and re-ordering sold inventory.
The Virtual Sample Bag provides sales reps with high-resolution frame photography for visual selling. Easily swipe through styles and colors in each collection and zoom into a style to see details of the frame. More than just visuals, the Virtual Sample Bag provides ordering capability while viewing style imagery.
Select your collection and view a list of styles, colors and sizes available in an easy-to-use ordering grid. Tap the order button and add quantities to the account’s cart and view inventory status of items. Sort the ordering grid by style, size or list price to make finding what you need even quicker. Tap on a style in the grid and see a visual of your style.
Quick and convenient reference of accounts order history and shipping status. Sort order history by invoice number, order date or order type. In addition to orders you write in EyeRep®, RX and Credits will also be listed.