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Do you want to reach 50,000 Eyecare professionals?
Do your emails see open rates of 20-25% with click-through rates of 1-2%?

Eyefind is the optical industry’s most efficient and cost-effect way to impact the eyecare market with results that measure and quantify your user engagement. Your message will be sent to our exclusive email database, which is comprised of verified addresses matched to individual’s professional contact details. JI’s consulting knowledge, design expertise and best practices emailing advice are geared towards getting you results. Eyefind will increase your customer loyalty, profitability and brand awareness.

RAP: Revenue Amplification Program

Want to reach 90,000 unique qualified buyer email addresses at more than 50,000 optical retail points of sale?

Our Revenue Amplification Program (RAP) is an exclusive opportunity proven to grow your revenue. New leads will be provided, brand awareness will grow, and your business will flourish. Your message will receive open rates of 25-35% and click-through rates of 2-3%. Eyefind and RAP aren’t the only e-mail solution we offer; Jobson can also design and develop custom e-marketing campaigns to meet any and all of your sales and marketing goals.