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With the continuing growth of the mobile technology market, JI understands and recognizes the value of mobile applications — from connecting with your customers to enhancing productivity. With our knowledge and expertise, we create mobile applications to suit your business needs. Whether you need a native iOS, Android app, or an HTML app, we have the tools and experience and are ready to help!

Content Management System App

JI’s CMS app is an electronic repository of critical documents, sales sheets, and videos organized by catalog or category. You can view documents and videos right on the screen as a supplement to your sales presentations. Our CMS App allow you and your reps to easily share critical marketing and technical information with accounts and prospects.




LensRep App

LensRep allows your reps to keep track of interactions with their accounts and prospects anytime, anywhere. See each account’s profile and notes recorded from previous account interactions. Use the convenient ordering feature to order promotions including coupons and promotional items and to order literature and POP for display at the account. Conveniently review the account’s sales summary and product mix to make informed recommendations. With a complete integration with the iPad’s email, calendar, and maps, communicating with the account, scheduling visits and getting there is a breeze. Request a free demo and let us show you how LensRep positions your reps for success!