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Two Industry-Leading Services, One Integration

One integration provides a simple solution to a complex problem. By designing both EyeRep and our B2B platform to utilize the same data integration with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, your reps will have the most intelligent sales workflow management tool available, and your retailers will have the most highly evolved B2B ordering platform giving them direct access to your business 24/7!

Learn more about our industry leading solutions below and watch your B2B sales grow!


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The industry leading EyeRep® application allows sales reps to have anywhere, anytime access to their mission critical account information. Your reps will be able to offer their accounts a quick and efficient way to view all their product information, product images, back orders and order history. Reps can update or place new orders right from within the app.

From detailed account notes and frameboard management to virtual sample bag and intelligent ordering, EyeRep® helps optimize the rep’s workflow. Reps can quickly track inventory, process RMAs, review location best sellers and make recommendations for account growth. There are 7 different ways to add product to the cart to keep your accounts fully stocked and your brand well represented.

By eliminating paperwork, reps can see more accounts each day without having to set aside time to manually submit orders. On the distribution side, having orders submitted directly by the rep for fulfillment reduces order error and allow you to process orders more quickly with less staff.

B2B Ecommerce

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Our industry leading B2B platform is the culmination of insights on what works and what doesn’t derived over 16 years of delivering B2B websites that generate results. From professional catalog pages with larger thumbnail images to the product detail pages with supersize images, our B2B websites celebrate your brands and products.

Our sites include four different ways for accounts to order:

  1. From the product detail page in the catalog.
  2. Using our Rapid Order quick order entry feature.
  3. From account Favorites.
  4. From past orders within Order Status.

With online payments and statements, your accounts can review invoices online and can pay either via credit card or ACH transaction. Do you do business internationally? Our sites are architected for multiple languages and multiple countries, all within a responsive design.