Updates to note: March 2016

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JI is excited to announce the following updates for our customers in March:

Morel Eyewear’s (http://www.morel-eyewearusa.com/) newly redesigned website is live, featuring a responsive design built by the JI developers.

Two new brands were added to Classique Eyewear’s website, Kenzo (http://www.classique-eyewear.com/kenzo/kenzo/default.aspx) and C-Zone (http://www.classique-eyewear.com/c-zone/c-zone/default.aspx). Kenzo has been integrated with Frames Data for imagery. JI also updated the retail locator to allow for filtering locations by brands.

A banner and modal popup has been integrated Westgroupe USA’s site (http://www.westgroupe.com/) to announce their warehouse has changed locations.

A registration page was added to Jonathan Paul Fitovers’ site (https://fitovers.com/) for customers interested in new products.

Centennial Optical has updated Lab Pak Smart Forms for online lens ordering. The lens page performance was also increased allowing for quicker load time. Log in to check it out at: http://www.centennialoptical.com/

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