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Productivity, Accountability, Cost Savings

Our revolutionary PAC app platform combines the best of CRM, Territory management, Workflow management, Order management, and Customer Inventory Management all rolled up into one simple to use mobile app. PAC is an acronym that stands for Productivity, Accountability and Cost Savings and that’s exactly what our sales efficiency platform delivers to your organization.


Streamline the sales process and eliminate paperwork so that your reps can focus on account management. With the PAC app, reps can quickly track inventory, process RMAs, review location best sellers and make recommendations for account growth. There are 7 different ways to add product to the cart to keep your accounts fully stocked and your brand well represented.


Knowledge is power! With our PAC app, your reps will take a snapshot of each account’s inventory on-hand at each account visit. Rep account service actions completed and account-specific notes are recorded using integrated CRM features. With insight on how each account is performing, you can adjust account visit frequency and prospecting for optimal results.

Cost Savings

Eliminating paperwork allows you to give back to reps their nights and weekends to recharge. By eliminating paperwork, reps can see more accounts each day without having to set aside time to manually submit orders. On the distribution side, having orders submitted directly by the rep for fulfillment reduces order error and allow you to process orders more quickly with less staff.

PAC App Features

  • Full catalog with images
  • 7 different ways to order, including time-saving cart templates
  • Sales management can send messages / marching orders to the team or specific team members
  • Track inventory in the field
  • Track account services performed
  • See a full order history for each account from all channels
  • Critical account info is at your fingertips so that you know the account’s financials, can view order history and can email or schedule visits right from PAC App.
  • Ask for a demo to see full capabilities!